EU Law and equine plasma

Under European law, horse (equine) plasma is classified as an Immunological Veterinary Medicine.

It must, therefore, be produced in full compliance with the European rules for the manufacture of veterinary medicines which in turn means the manufacturer must have been granted a Manufacturing Licence.

Veterinary Immunogenics holds a Manufacturing Licence

Under European law, plasma manufactured cannot be sold until all data relating to its quality, safety and efficacy has been approved by the regulatory authority at which time a Marketing Authorisation is granted.

HYPERMUNE and HYPERMUNE-RE are authorized veterinary medical products.

Under new European laws which came into force in October 2005 governing the use of authorised veterinary medicines in different countries in Europe it is permitted, provided there is no similar authorised product in a country, for a product to be used which is authorised in a different European country under the Prescribing Cascade.

Suitable for use in the UK and any country in Europe.

HYPERMUNE and HYPERMUNE-RE are licenced products in the UK and therefore can be legally considered for use in any country in Europe under the prescribing cascade as managed by that country's regulatory authority.

A veterinary surgeon wishing to use HYPERMUNE should enquire from his or her national regulatory authority governing the use of immunological veterinary medicines.