High quality equine plasma produced to a licensed procedure by Veterinary Immunogenics Ltd from hyperimmunised horses.


Normal equine plasma, effective in:

Aseptically produced from "universal donors"

HYPERMUNE includes antibodies with cross reactivity against a wide range of gram negative bacteria including Salmonella spp. and E. coli J5 and can be considered in Endotoxaemia.



A specific antibody plasma harvested from vaccinated donors.

Used in the prevention and control of Rhodococcus equi infections, a causative agent of primarily purulent pneumonia in foals.

HYPERMUNE-RE is harvested from donors vaccinated with a Rhodococcus equi vaccine specially made for Veterinary Immunogenics. The plasma is available in 1 litre bags for intravenous usage. Typically given as one litre intravenously at birth and a second litre at approximately 23 days.

Our products are validated to be of the highest quality, safe and efficaceous. Please see the product data sheets and usage guides.