About Us

Veterinary Immunogenics Ltd. Registered in England No. 2776008.

Incorporated in 1992, we have been manufacturing and supplying commercial equine plasma products to satisfied customers for over 25 years and operate under the full scrutiny of the UK regulatory authorities.

Management Team

Eileen Barr

Founder and Managing Director

Over 35 years experience in veterinary business administration. Eileen sets and attains the highest possible standard for quality assurance and customer care.

Thomas John Barr BVMS MRCVS

Founder and Director

Tom Barr is a veterinary surgeon with 50 years experience working with horses and cattle. For nearly 30 years in large animal veterinary practice he developed a particular interest in preventing and controlling disease, for the welfare of the animals under his care and the benefit of his clients, by harnessing the benefits of immunology. During this time the increasing popularity of the horse and increasing work with such eminent race horse trainers as Jonjo O’Neil and the late Gordon Richards along with local horse breeders attracted his special interest. After “retiring” from practice Tom followed his fascination with veterinary immunology and the particular needs of the neonatal foal by further developing the technology and science of transfusion medicine utilising equine plasma. He has ensured, along with the enthusiastic support of his wife, son and team of dedicated personnel that the Company has risen to the challenges of compliance with all the regulatory authorities attaining standards in blood product quality that are unsurpassed. He continues, also, to assure the highest standards of customer care providing technical support and veterinary advice.

Key Personnel

Hayley Graham BSc (Hons)

NACWO, Production Organiser, Technician & Product Quality

Ruth Smith

NACWO & Production Technician

Bernadette Willetts BSc

Horse Care & Welfare, Production Technician & Product Quality

Amy Roberta Wright

Horse Care & Welfare Management

Rebekah Zawilinski

Horse Care & Welfare

Sue Hannon BSc (Hons)

Quality Control Laboratory Scientist

Michael Fishwick

Site Maintenance

James Carrick Barr BSc (Hons) MSd

Document Design & IT Associate